Lumbar Decompression BACKBELT™

Lumbar Decompression BACKBELT™- MrSleeper

Lumbar Decompression BACKBELT™

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You can't put a price on a healthy back. Our BackBelt has been shown to improve you back in 30 days or your money back guaranteed. 

Why Do I Need This?

The spine and back support us in our daily life. Any pain coming from it affects us more than we know. Chronic back problems are bad for long term health

When back pain is not treated, it affects your health and leads to mental problems like poor focus, restless nights, increased stress, reduces productivity, and social impairment. This directly affects the quality of our life. 

The solution? 

Use the same therapy chiropractors use to decompress the spine and relieve lumbar pressure. 

lumbar back belt

How Does It work?

This Decompression BACKBELT™ quickly and easily loosen tight muscles and get rid of back pain. 

The Decompression Belt stretches and retracts the lower back as it inflates with air. This gentle traction helps decompress the spinal discs. Decompression helps relieve pressure off the pinched nerve, degenerative, herniated and bulging discs

Relieving the pressure allows degenerative discs to get the wear, oxygen, and nutrients it requires for faster healing. Reducing the constriction on pinched nerves such as the sciatic nerve helps relives shooting leg pains

What Does It Solve?

Spinal Stenosis
Degenerative Discs
Herniated/Bulging Discs
Lumbar acute/ Chronic sprain
Pinched Nerves
low back pain due to physical and/or physiological conditions
Strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting and/or long hours driving
Postpartum Back Pains

Decompression BackBelt - Back Brace Back Pain Lower Lumbar Support - One Size for 29 inches to 49 inches Waists- MrSleeper Backbelt

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Decompression BackBelt - Back Brace Back Pain Lower Lumbar Support - One Size for 29 inches to 49 inches Waists

What are the benefits?

1. Stretches and disperses lower back tension to end any stiffness and soreness.

2. Rehabilitates spinal conditions, such as spinal stenosis, scoliosis, herniated or bulging discs, and sciatica.

3. Decompresses your lower back (lumbar) to instantly relieve pain 

4. Proven recovery within just days of use

5. Straightens the spine to improve posture, making you stand taller and feel better

What Are People Saying about BACKBELT™? 

This belt is the best thing ever- I have been in MAJOR PAIN for the last 4 weeks and the only thing that stopped some of the pain and made life bearable was this belt- if you have spinal disc problems for God sake spend the money on this belt- you will be thanking me for a long time
- Philip G. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
After years on pain pills, I was able to wean off. Unfortunately, I suffer great pain that radiated from my lower back down my hips and legs. I was extremely desperate when I ordered this and really didn't think it would work but I have been trying everything I can get my hands on including a $4,000 adjustable bed. The bed did not work and I sleep on the floor next to it. After using the back brace for just a few times I was amazed at the amount of relief it made me. I think this is an awesome product!
- Roth B. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Instruction for Use: 

  1. Place decompression belt around your midsection. The lower part of the belt should sit just above the upper part of your pelvic area.

  2. Fasten the two ends of the belt together using the velcro

  3. Turn the air valve clockwise, then attach the air pump to the valve

  4. Continue to inflate the belt until it is fully inflated. When fully inflated, remove the nozzle from the belt

  5. When finished using the belt, turn the air valve in a counter-clockwise direction to deflate      
Lumbar Decompression BACKBELT™- MrSleeper



  • Length: 115cm(45.2 inch) with extension belt 15cm
  • Width Before Inflation: 15cm (5.1 inch)
  • Width After Inflation: 20cm (7.9 inch)
  • Material: Outer layer: PU;  Inner Layer: Cotton; Inner layer of air inflation: TPU (Special soft material)

Package includes

  • 1 x Lumbar traction belt (beige/white/black optional)
  • 1 x Hand air pump
  • 1 x Extend belt
  • 1 x Use manual

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